Ace of Base – Beautiful Morning

Appreciation for each and every day we are alive. It’s a tough task, but, each day is an opportunity. Despite how we feel inside, or the external forces pushing us in a million different directions, each day allows us to move ever so slightly closer to who we wish to become. Some days will have set backs, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t be simultaneously moving forward. It is amazing what a sunny day can do for your motivation and your desire to get out there and make the day your own. Grit is exemplified when we are able to push ourselves even when the morning is dreary and stormy. We need sunny moments to remind us that shadows are not always in front of us, and we need to see beauty in the sun in order to remind us why it all matters. That doesn’t cost us a damn cent, so, rain or shine, find the beauty in today and make the day yours!

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