Cardiknox – Earthquake

There’s a moment, or a series of moments, that happen once you’ve committed to making changes in your life. I call those moments, “clicks”. I remember about 6 months after I joined the weight loss program at my college gym, we went on break after the fall semester for 6 weeks. I had seen some weight loss, I had learned a lot about the gym, and I didn’t want my progress to be set back during that time period. The holidays are especially difficult to face when you are trying to lose weight, so I decided I would go to the gym alone during this time. This was a huge step for me – to be outside of the group of friends I had been going with. Although this was a stressful experience, I knew it was the only way to reach my goals. I also stopped drinking soda during this time period, which was difficult, as I was drinking about 5-6 cans a day. But, it was true, that I felt a fire inside, and I could see a new life opening up before my eyes. It was a lot of hard work, sweat, and pushing through both mentally and physically, but I did it. I will say that, at times, things are harder now because unless I have some sort of goal I am working towards, that fire (somewhat kept alive by the cheerleaders in your life that go away once you’re┬ádone with the weight loss process), dies a little. You have to find new ways to reignite. Maintenance is not as glorious, and thus, motivation can be more difficult to process through. Use that fire to break ground and move forward!

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