Cher Lloyd – Killin’ It

The lines between modesty, self-love, and ego sometimes are hard to distinguish in the world we live in today. Self-deprecation is hidden behind blatant narcissism, and the flip-side of a real lack of self-love creates stories of deep depression. We don’t often live in the world between those two places. We either are too modest to understand our accomplishments and do not want the light on us, or we desire so much to have approval from others that we over-saturate our lives with how fantastic we are doing (which is sometimes just a veil). It is healthy for us to understand that sometimes we are “killing it”. For me, even though I documented my weight loss journey until I was near my 100 lbs. weight loss, I merely felt as if I was doing something that I had to do to create a better future. I took part of the process for granted (which was helpful in some ways; to not get distracted by anything else than my goal). In some ways, this was true, but I never stepped back to pat myself on the back. I am more comfortable these days looking at my accomplishments and saying, “Damn, good job”, but remember that there is always more work to be done. Self-love and modesty can pair nicely, and we have to give ourselves credit. We shit on ourselves way too much and don’t appreciate the person we are in the mirror. We have to step back sometimes and say, “Ya, I’m killin’ it” because we’re some bad ass mofos! So, take a moment to appreciate yourself, and if you are still on the sidelines, save this one for later when you get on the track and decide to change your story!

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