Dia Frampton – Don’t Kick the Chair

DON’T GIVE UP! It’s a sentiment that is difficult to make a reality whether it is getting through a workout or whether it is getting a grip on your mental health. Giving up is easy, it does not require you to continue to exert energy that you feel like you do not have any longer. What I have learned over the last few years from working out, is that we have a lot more in our gas tank than we think we do. Sometimes ongoing issues at work or at home get us down, or the way we feel we are being treated by people and the world around us, or the other 1,000 excuses or reasons we give ourselves to submit to apathy. We have the ability to move beyond these situations because our bounce-back and our ability to persevere are a piece of our identity – and our identity is not a fixed aspect of our being. We do need to train our minds and our ability to overcome though. Submission is not acceptable in a mind that desires real change. So, when you feel like kicking the chair (the metaphor is very intense, but the point is the same), look down, sit down, take a breath, stand up, and walk forward until you can longer see the problems that feel insurmountable. We are not vases, we do not break. We merely lose our way on the path sometimes because life puts up obstacles for us to go around, go over, or dig under, but we can always find our way.

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