Dude, It’s Right in Front of You [Kyle Cease]

“It’s like trying to tell someone they can be fit, and they are arguing with me while they are eating pizza. They’re just like, ‘ya right, it’s not that easy, I like pizza’, but you don’t have to anymore.” 

“You know why? Because the scariest thing in the world is to face yourself, to face your potential, to see what you can do, to stop your addictions and actually buckle down and do it.”

“You might fail a lot of times, but who cares, you just go to the next thing. What most people do is they see one failure and then they stop doing everything. It’d be like going on a road trip and seeing one detour and saying ‘I guess we’re not going to Canada because there’s a detour’. No you go around it.”

This week, ability and determination is the theme. This video, by comedian and speaker, Kyle Cease hits the nail on the head about our fear of being wrong and failing. Often times, we quit at the first sign of a challenge, which hinders our true ability to success and happiness. This week’s theme is central to “can’t culture”, or the belief that our story is somehow defined solely by our current chapter. I’ve talked about [“your greatest potential”] before, and people are so sold on the idea that their limitations are their story, that they never end up getting out of their own way. “Can’t” is really a mask for “won’t” or an even bigger veil for fear. In life, we are so enculturated and conditioned to stay at the status quo. From a young age, we ask ourselves “What do we want {to be}?”, not “Who do we want to be?” so our goals become more about the occupation, a bank account, or a relationship rather than a passion for being. What happens when we delve deeper into who we want to be and what we want to create for the world?

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