Imagine Dragons – It Comes Back to You

At the end of the day, whether or not we are successful or not relies on one sole factor: YOU! Of course, our supports, resources, environment. Our diet, motivation, ability, and who we are on the inside will determine our success. Each and every moment and decision of our lives relies on the mental fortitude we have built over time. The catch 22 of this; how do we develop mental fortitude if we are not aware of what we do / do not have. It usually takes some life event to awaken that part of us. I believe that this is the true “us”, and what it comes back/down to. Overwhelmingly, statistically, humans will not make major, sustainable transformations in their lives. Less than 5% of people who lose a dramatic amount of weight will keep the majority of it off for more than 6 years. Despite being designed to withstand an impressive amount of hardship and have an even greater amount of conviction, we become victims of circumstance far too often. We live in a “can’t culture” and become more than happy to sit on the couch rather than run the marathon. Of course, those same 1,000,000 factors filter into our desire for change, our ability to change, and our capacity to make it happen in an authentic and meaningful way. If you are waiting for something to happen, you may be waiting forever, so, it boils down to you taking charge of your own life despite feeling overwhelmed or empty. We’ve been told where to point our view, and so few will actually question the focal point to create their own. The kicker is, we can all do it, and I know you can do it, so what do you have to lose: It comes down to you!

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