The future? What does it hold, where will it bring us? How will we get there? What will aide us in our journey? How will we be defined by the moments leading up to our successes and failures? All of these questions should be asked of ourselves. We owe ourselves a life fulfilled, not one sitting down and taking life as it comes for them, but rather being a pathfinder and exploring their own destination. I say that with the utmost confidence because I used to be that person who was just living in the laze, going through the motions, and not living life to it’s fullest. The story of that journey is found in the “All My Progress” page, but I wanted a page dedicated to where I am going, it only seems appropriate to have a page dedicated to where I have been, what I am doing (the main blog), and the future. Listed below, categorically, and maybe even a little intensely are my goals for my life. I will add and subtract as time goes on, things draw closer. The spirit of this list comes from http://www.nerdfitness.com where the author of the site “levels up” his life by reaching milestones. A lot of his are travel-based, mine will be any and all. It is good to write these things out, they become tangible and realistic, or show you how outrageous you want your life to be, either way, here’s my leveling up list ::

Weight Loss Related:

Lose 50 lbs. (Completed on Mar 22, 2012)
Fall below obesity on the BMI scale (Completed on Mar 26, 2012)
Reach Below 200 lbs. (Completed on June 4, 2012)
Fall below overweight on the BMI scale (Completed on August 20, 2012)
Lose 100 lbs. (Completed December 4th, 2012)
Be at a body fat percentage of 10%

Fitness Related:

Run my first 5k (Completed on Apr 20, 2012)
Run my first 10k (Completed on May 27, 2012)
Run my first Half Marathon (Completed on September 21, 2012)
Run my first Marathon (Completed October 6th, 2013)
Do A Triathalon
Climb Mount Katahdin (Completed 6/1/13)
Climb Cadillac Mountain
Do 100 CrossFit Workouts (100/100) (Completed on 1/8/2014)
Run 100 miles (completed on Aug 25, 2012)
Run 200 miles by the end of 2012 (Completed on November 20, 2012)
Be able to do 10 pullups, 10 wide grip pull-ups, and 10 chip ups within the same workout (7 pulls, 5 chin-up, 1 WGPU)
Beat my CF Fit Test : 1 mile (EMOTM : 12 squats, 8 pushups, 6 burpees) — Time : 19:54
Run 500 miles  (Currently at 624) (As of 12/11/13)
Run 10 Races in 2014
Run the Zombie 5k
Tough Mudder (Slated for June 2nd, 2014)
Do a muscle up
Do a successful handstand pushup (no wall walk) (Completed)
Do 10 Double Unders in a row (Currently at 12) (Completed on 7/28/13)
Do 20 Double Unders in a row
Enter CF Open in 2014
Move to 40 lb. Kettlebell by April 1 (Completed) – Currently @ 88 lb. double swing / 70 lbs. single swing

Skill Related:

Learn to ride a bike (Completed May 5th, 2013)
Learn to swim better
SCUBA dive
Learn to rollerskate (Completed)
Learn Archery
Learn to snowboard

Life Related:

Visit Hawaii, climb a volcano, and learn to surf
Visit France, eat crepes, and visit the Eiffel Tower
Take a road trip from ME to the west coast
Go on a cruise to a tropical paradise
Get my own rollerskates (Completed on Aug 25, 2012)
See 10 of my favorite bands that I haven’t seen in concert (Currently: Christina Perri, Imagine Dragons, Tegan and Sara, Jillette Johnson) : Wishlist: The Sounds, Bastille, London Grammar
Learn to enjoy at least one vegetable
White water raft in class V rapids (Completed August 7th, 2013)
Feel comfortable being shirtless at a beach (Completed May 25th, 2013)
Zipline (Completed on Aug 24, 2012)
Visit Quebec for the winter festival
Beat my brother at racquetball
Take voice lessons
Learn to play an instrument
Make an inspiring short film
Visit Sweden
Never need to have a handicap plate due to preventable causes from lack of healthy living. (So Far, So Good)
Volunteer 50 hours in 2014
Take more photos
I will be updating this list on a monthly basis to add things. I most likely will not delete anything, if, for some reason, any of these become impossible, I will italicize them, and will cross them off as they happen (and will probably post a blog relating to it)

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