Marina and the Diamonds – Happy

It’s the last #MusicMonday of the year! I have tried sharing some music that is near and dear to my heart, that inspires me, makes me think, reflects on myself, makes me happy, makes me question the world around me, and helps me through this little thing called life. I have mentioned that this project, boiled down, is about exploring resiliency of the human mind, body, and spirit. If I have to boil down the meaning of life into a central concept, it would be that the reason we transform, the reason we want to look and feel better, the reason we want positive relationships, the reason we seek something greater out of life is that we want to be happy. A piece of that is feeling content, safe, and comfortable in one’s own skin. Our goals should always direct us to seek to be better, feel better, and have positive experiences. For myself, I know that losing weight was only a piece of my journey that has led me to happier days. This is not to say that struggle and challenge go away, but when you make the right choices for yourself today, it pushes us closer to a future of actual happiness. It may seem elusive, some days, but it will always be worth it. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to know that you can be happy, and you deserve to be happy. Go chase your happy, there’s no reason not to!

Thanks to anyone who has followed me over this past year, subscribed, liked, listened, commented, and been a part of this transformattion! Looking forward to exploring more of the human spirit in 2018!

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