Matt Hires – A to B

“Fall in love with the process.” Whether it is losing weight, quitting smoking, or grocery shopping. When we have a goal in mind, planning is of the utmost importance. As a person who tends to over-organize life a little, it is also good to understand that happenstance and randomosity are part of that process. The process is one part planning and one part chaos. If we could predict everything that happens in between what we think will happen, life would be too easy. If that were the case, no one would be obese and everyone would feel great about themselves, but making positive changes and loving yourself is a process and a friggin’ hard one! When I was losing weight, I never realized how much my mind was part of the process. Obviously, things like self-esteem and motivation shift when you start seeing success in your life (especially when they relate to something you never thought you could do before), but you start analyzing your past, your identity, and who you are as a person. Your perception about yourself and the world change. Certainly, seeing a different person in the mirror is a part of that, but one thing you need to be aware of is that transforming your life changes who you are as a person. You may be saying, “Well, duh, that’s the definition of transformation”, but if you change the way you look, and in turn, the way you feel, you create a new life for yourself, and I promise you, it’s more than just A to B. You dig up the past, you glorify the future, you learn to sit with incredible discomfort as you learn who you really are. I think those who are most successful with weight loss are those people who understand the process and understand that some days you are lying peacefully under blankets and other days you are bleeding at the bottom of the stairs. Life takes place between those two spaces. It is good to have your eye on the prize, but remember the here and now, in between A and B.

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