Middle Class Rut – New Low

One thing I have learned during my weight loss journey, is not to take this journey for granted. Ever after losing weight, don’t turn off that switch in your mind that evaluates who you are and where you are going. Some of the hardest times I have had were after I lost weight. At times, you land, wondering what the next step is. I remember shortly after losing weight, I stopped and looked around, thinking, “now what?” I had spent the previous 3 years dedicating my life to the process of being a healthier person, and now I was at a new crossroads, but I felt like something was missing. I graduated college, started my first full time job, moved away from my social support network (which meant leaving the places where I lost weight and gained that support as well), and I made several other of the biggest life choices I had ever made. These choices came with a great amount of responsibility and appreciation because these decisions were only made possible by losing weight and accepting the person what I was. The flipside created opportunity, but also a new low. Everything I once knew, everything I once was, felt like it was shifting in the most dramatic way. Since that time, even my fitness and weight has fluctuated. Understanding ourselves, our identity, and who we are is a difficult process, which is why Transformattion is not merely about weight loss, fitness, and nutrition. It’s about what is behind the curtain of our minds. Not everyone has severe baggage that is the cause of their obesity, but I have found that obesity often comes with a fair amount of work apart from the physical to truly transform. So, never take this moment for granted, be humble, and be aware of yourself.

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