P!NK – I’m Not Dead

We are not perfect, and we will fail. We are made up of imperfection, and sometimes that is all we see when we look in the mirror. Despite the cracks, despite the open wounds or the harsh words of someone else, we can prevail. Until we are buried in the ground, there is always an option, a choice, and a way to success. The barriers are different for every single person, but we can set up supports, behaviors, and resources to spin the web that catches ourselves when we fall. Sometimes, our supply of silk has depleted, and in those moments, we are challenged to use what we have in front of us, even when it feels like it is not much at all. Life is not always balanced in that way, but you can show up or you can sit in a grave until the dirt hits your face. Subscribe to the Spotify playlist: http://spoti.fi/2oOVFU9

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