[ R E V I V A L ]

[ R E V I V A L ]

re·viv·al | /rəˈvīvəl/
n:  an improvement in the condition or strength of something. an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.

Several years ago I started a blog to document the process of my weight loss journey. I wanted to share my story, successes, challenges, workouts, recipes, and reflections in order to help others who may be struggling. Over that time, the blog went through a variety of iterations, landing at www.transformattion.tk . Updates were random, with good intention and many blog drafts to produce more content. I could say it was because I was busy, and that would be true, but it was never a central priority for me.

Last year, I wanted to build on what I had started and got an influx of ideas on what I could do with my media skills and a bit of inspiration. After spending time creating a laundry list of ideas and producing the trailer and intro to my weight loss story, my computer crashed. The graphics card, hard drive, and all my content was destroyed and it was several months before getting everything fixed. This was not an excuse by any means, as I have a laptop, but my traction was completely lost. Additionally, over those months, I had gained about 15 lbs., and, in many ways, I felt like a hypocrite talking about these issues and feeling like I was in the middle of failure, but that is what this project is all about; the good and the bad of change.

I am not a patient person, so when I get ideas, I am already at the finish line and the process can get lost in the midst of wanting to accomplish a goal. I challenged myself over the last couple months to go through a process of investing deeply in this project. I have been filming, writing, editing, photographing, researching and truly taking this project to the next level. Working on this for the last couple months without a peep has been extremely difficult for me, but I am happy to announce the re-re-re-revival of Transformattion.


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