Rachel Platten – Fight Song

Okay, okay, okay! This one may be overused, but it is popular for a reason. This week’s theme is adversity, which is about the roadblocks we come to in life. Those roadblocks can only be conquered by fighting through them. Often times, we choose to take a seat in front of the block; it’s a lot easier. The thing about adversity, though, is that it tends to grow when left to it’s own devices like an overgrowing weed that wraps around your legs, making it harder to overcome the plight in front of you. The longer we wait, the more difficult it becomes to overcome such adversity.

The reason Fight Song was so popular is because we can all relate to having a hardship we have had to overcome. The lyrics serve as a shining example that we all have the power inside of us to make positive changes and even when we feel empty, we can push beyond our limits and become something even greater. Fighting takes a lot out of us, which is why not everyone is successful at it. It takes an incredible amount of awareness, education, desire, inspiration, motivation, grit, resiliency, and a belief that we are capable of rising above, and cutting those weeds off of our legs. It requires us to keep trying, even if the vines keep twisting at us, cutting off our circulation, and making it harder and harder to get up.

Adversity comes in many different forms; physical, mental, emotional, economic, or social. They all can feel overwhelming and alter the path before us. This is why developing resources, supports, and internal resiliency is important. These factors can enhance our ability to push through the weeded pathways in our way. When we are faced with adversity, we often will need to fight to get to the next step, so throw on your fight song, grab a machete, and start pushing through.

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