[ S E L F – C O N C E P T ]

[ S E L F – C O N C E P T ]

/’,self känˌsept/ n: an idea of the self, constructed from the beliefs one holds about oneself and the responses of others.

How we feel about ourselves changes our entire lives. This isn’t about just promoting a hokey message of self-love, but rather explore aspects of self-esteem and self-efficiacy that have a true impact on our psychology. Understanding yourself and transforming the way you view your life can dramatically change your happiness, anxiety, depression, and overall quality of life.

We receive a lot of messages that promote a story that we are not good enough, strong enough, or pretty enough. For what? That is not never really explained, but the overarching theme becomes: anything. On a surface level, having positive self-esteem and self-efficacy will allow us to be more confident when it comes to moving through hardship. We are less likely to give up and more likely to be successful in all arenas of life if we view ourselves as capable people with purpose and ability, but how do we do that? This week we will be looking deeper at the psychology of self-concept and search for that answer.



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