Sara Bareilles – Satellite Call

Everyone has a history. Our past makes us who we are today. Our relationships, the way we have been treated by other people, the decisions we’ve made, and the opportunities that have presented themselves to us. Some us of have histories filled with sadness, trauma, and heartache, and some us of have been able to avoid some of the landmines that life can throw in our pathways. No matter what your history is filled with, it does not dictate who you can become. The world can be pretty messed up sometimes, and we all get lost sometimes. We can feel as if we are floating above in space, untethered. At some point in our lives, we have to come to this realization, that we are not alone, that there is love in the world, and that the failures and traumas of our past are in the past. It is difficult to let go of those stories because we feel as if they make us who we are, but our experiences are merely that, things that happen to us, and we can choose to let them define us, or we can view them as chapters in a story that we are still writing. A satellite call is an amazing feat. You can send a message from Earth to a far away place. Be open to change, be open to changing your story because there are satellite calls happening all the time, you just have to change the tune of the station in order to hear them.

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