Sia – Never Give Up

If I had to boil down the #1 thing that Transformattion is about, I easily would define it as an exploration of resiliency. A lot of characteristics of the human condition are required in order to make a true transformation that lasts, but our ability to keep progressing forward through difficult times is the #1 attribute that people need in order to be successful. Developing resiliency requires more than forming a habit; it means that people need to reach into the mirror and change their life perspectives, their behaviors, and the way they look at themselves and the world around. I’ve spent the better part of my life asking myself how I developed resiliency to make it through some of the tough times in my life, and there are a variety of factors that can help develop resiliency (supportive people in our lives, overcoming past experiences, availability of resources to help in difficult situations, etc.). Research has shown some of these things to be true, but, I believe there something inherent inside of us that allows us to ignite ourselves when times are tough. Awareness is required to understand your own thresholds to push beyond hardship; push beyond the parts of our cognition that stop us before success. Unfortunately, not everyone has that level of awareness. I don’t believe that doesn’t mean you can’t change. We all have different psychology and experience that shape our capacity and our ability to understand the world around us and ourselves, which is imperative to make positive change. I believe that the one thing we all can do, regardless of where we are right now, is to NOT give up. We all have the past that shapes our present, but only our now will shape our future. Pushing through obstacles will give you the future you never thought you could have, and it is a beautiful future!

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