Sia – Unstoppable

PUMP UP ALERT! Anything Sia does is magical, but this song is another one that gets me through a tough workout or a moment when I think I cannot do something. We all fall and fail in life, we all break down from time to time. Most people sitting down on their couch do not have a true belief that they can make changes. I hear so often, “I could never give up cheese”. I promise you, if someone can be a reformed neo-Nazi, you can give up cheese. That may be an extreme example, but the “I can’t” mentality is really , “I don’t want to” , and that is a much harder hurdle to get over. Apathy is one of the most destructive qualities a human can exhibit, especially towards oneself. For apathy to disappear, compassion must reveal itself. In a space of apathy, progress will fade easily from view. No personal trainer, spouse, friend, counselor, YouTuber, quote, or other sources of motivation will light a fire in your life if you do not want to. I don’t mean, “I want to lose weight” because you know you are fat or don’t feel beautiful. Low self-esteem does not motivate a person, it depresses a person, and to feel unstoppable in your own life, you must light a fire. To light a fire, you need tools. For some it is a flint, for some, it is a lighter, for some it is two twigs. It’s easier for some people, but keeping a fire going requires, within reason, the same methodology for all people. You must keep at it, or the fire will go out, which happens to us all. Sometimes, you need to go back out, get some more kindling, and start another fire; that’s life, but being unstoppable (which all of us can be), requires that we don’t let the fire go out, and just lay next to it and sleep. We need the fire; it gives us light, warmth, and a place to call home. So, when your fire goes out, relight; don’t stop.

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