The Comedy of Overcoming Hardship [Drew Lynch]

Becoming something new in the face of a challenging time is one of the most difficult aspects of the human condition. In the face of adversity, we have choices, even when it feels like we are out of them. Our ability to rise to these challenges is defined by the resiliency we have built, and what the core of the project is centered around. Once you have reached the other side of a challenge, we are given the opportunity to be a brand new person and tell a brand new story. Although the concept of revival can be religious in nature, the foundation of revival is about becoming something new, something improved primarily due to the lessons learned during difficult times. We use the symbol of a phoenix to represent one who has fallen in the ashes of a flame, only to embrace those flames and wear them as a new found armor. It takes an immense amount of insight and perseverance to turn hardship into a life lesson, and even further character to turn that lesson into a passion, but that is what Drew Lynch has done with his life.

I think it’s important to feature inspiration from all walks of life, and Drew, as a comedian, has a simple story that turned his life around. The great part of Drew’s story is that he incorporated his negative experience into something to help him with his passion; performance. Drew took a softball to the throat, which made him develop a stutter. His dreams of becoming an actor were crushed once he was dropped by his agent, but a supportive individual in his life inspired him to start to stand up comedy. This led him to America’s Got Talent, a wildly successful YouTube channel, and a comedy tour happening this year (which I will be going to in Boston!). Although the trajectory of our lives may be altered by life’s unexpected turns, it does not mean that we cannot find a new story.

For me, losing weight was an opportunity to become an improved version of myself, not just because I looked and felt better, but because I took control of an aspect of my life that I never thought I would be able to. Obesity comes as a slow-burn kind of hardship. Often times, people do not recognize a problem until they are far down a pathway that they do not believe they can change. The road to reviving yourself and your story is not an easy one; it takes an incredible amount of determination and about 100 other aspects of the human condition (that I will be exploring through this project) to find success in overcoming adversity, building resiliency, and reviving ourselves, but, anyone can do it.

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