The Veronicas – On Your Side

Weight loss (or any major change) can be a very isolating process. I was lucky enough to start my weight loss journey with a group of friends. We all joined a program that matched us with a personal trainer who helped us through the process. After several months, it became clear to me that not only was my body changing, but my mind, my motivations, and my desire for honest change was happening. After the program ended, I hit the gym on my own, I started changing my diet, and I kept joining the program to stay motivated. Throughout this time, people came and went, but I kept on going. My goals became greater than the sessions, spending time with my friends; it became about changing my entire life. This process ostracized me a bit from some of the people in my life, which was a sad and lonely process. On the flip side, there was an overwhelming amount of positive messaging from friends, from folks on social media, and other people in my life (especially those who hadn’t seen me in a long time). These positive messages were motivating, no doubt, but there were times where I felt like no one truly understood what was happening in my life. I was becoming someone new. That is not to say that people were not on my side because without certain people, especially my personal trainer, Katie, I don’t know where I would have landed. So, despite how lonely of a process losing weight was, I am incredibly grateful for the friends and loved ones who were there for me during this time, it made all the difference. Find those people in your life, who, even if they don’t completely understand will be there for you and be your biggest cheerleader!

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