Vance Joy – We All Die Trying to Get it Right

Upheaval in your life can truly change the course of your future, and, sometimes, that is a good thing. Routine is an important aspect of our lives; it gives us structure to guide us through our days without having to create learning processes over and over again. This can be a help, but it can also be a hindrance. When we turn off part of our brain to go on autopilot, we lose the ability to readjust. Comfort becomes the standard, and thus, there is no reason to change direction. When something profound happens in our life, it makes us reevaluate our priorities and our pathway in life. This disruption is good for us, it shows that we are not as in control of our future as we think we are. That sounds scary, and it is, but it is also a requirement for transformation to take place. We all believe we are doing the right thing for ourselves (and hopefully the people around us), while we walk through life. It can be difficult to believe (despite that it is tattooed on my body), that we all die trying to get it right. I think this relates more to that we are all trying to find that comfort in our day to day lives to find happiness; the ultimate goal. The difficult part is that some people have to fight, tooth and nail, blood to bone (also tattooed on my arm with this lyric), just to make ends meet. Some people never truly experience that dissonance that helps them arrive at this new place in their lives. We have to let go of ourselves a little in order to make a change; let go of control over who we think we are and allow for something new to form. Some people do not want to do this, some people have not had an experience that made them think twice about their trajectory, and some people just do not care. We all arrive at the same place in this life, and what we do with that time we have defines who we are as people. As we try to find happiness, be present, and be mindful.

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